Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silas: 5 Weeks Old

Silas is 5 weeks old today. It feels like five weeks was forever ago. I say that because Silas has fit into our family so well. I can remember what our family was like before he was born, but it is hard to imagine life without him now. It's funny how that happens. Silas is such an easy-going and content baby. Lucky for us, he came out of the womb understanding that nighttime is for sleeping and only wakes up to eat. Since I am exclusively pumping he eats a good 34 ounces of breast milk a day. He loves to eat! He is almost too big for his "newborn" sized clothes and he is not looking so tiny anymore. He has really been concentrating and batting at his hanging toys in the bouncer seat for over a week now, and he can track a moving object with his eyes. He will only take an Avent pacifier (just like Seth) and he seems to adore being swaddled. He is absolutely adorable when he falls asleep on your shoulder especially with his little hands tucked under his chin. He loves taking a bath and is especially content when he is bouncing or swinging or tucked into a Moby wrap. He is one adorable baby boy and we love him so much!

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