Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seth's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had Seth's 2nd birthday party! We reserved a pavillion at one of our favorite parks and had dinner with family and some of our good friends. It was colorful, simple, and most importantly Seth seemed to have a great time.
This year I made Seth a cake. It announced to everyone that "Seth is 2!"
We ate one of Seth's favorites, macaroni and cheese.
We also had mini burgers and fruit kabobs.
Thanks to an episode of Word World (Seth's favorite t.v. show), Seth learned that hats are essential when having a party. So we wore hats (at least for a little while).
Even Silas attempted wearing a hat for a second or two.
After we ate dinner, we sang "Happy Birthday" and Seth blew out his candle.
I think the cake was Seth's favorite part of dinner.
Then before playing on the playground Seth opened a few gifts which included a wristwatch, some marker stampers, a small bus,...
this really cool magnetic number board that helps guide your hand as you write,...
a homemade car caddy,...
and a toddler t-ball set from our friends.
Before it got too dark, we snapped our picture frame photos. These pictures were a favorite from last year's party so we thought we would do them again. It's such a neat way to remember who came to help us celebrate.

Daniel, Carmella, and Jaynie Beth
Pop, Nana, and Uncle Michael
Our family portrait
Happy 2nd Birthday, Seth!

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  1. Seth's party looks adorable! You're so good at the details. I'm glad Seth had fun!