Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two New Fish

The big boy bedroom is well on its way to being complete. We just have a few more things to move, a headboard to pick up from Jackson, and hopefully soon Seth can start the transition from sleeping in a crib to a twin sized bed. As we were rearranging we thought it would be neat to bring the fish tank back up from the basement. If you have been reading for a while, you might have remembered the fish tank was in the nursery before Seth was born. I had just brought it home from my classroom and didn't have the heart to just flush the little fish that had survived all year. Once he passed though, we shut the fish tank down in hopes of putting it to good use one day. Well it's back and running again and it's been so much fun!
We went to the pet store Friday night to pick out our new pet. Seth signs "fish" so cute and he loved looking at all the fish in the store. After talking it over with the Petco guy, we decided that we would go with two $0.12 feeder fish. He told us they would be great fish and we loved that they were super cheap. We let the fish acclimate to the water temperature as soon as we got home and then right before bedtime we let our fish get to know there new home. Seth watched as daddy dumped the fish in the tank.
Then we watched our new fish swim and swim.
Our new additions have been a big hit!

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