Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring Celebration

At the beginning of every season we try to have a celebration welcoming the change in weather and the transition into different activities. Today is the first day of Spring so it was time for a "First Day of Spring" celebration.

We started our celebration outside. I found tiny flower pots in the dollar spot at Target. We planted parsley, basil, and strawberry seeds. After two years of starting seeds and not being very successful, we are just going to buy plants at the farmer's market for our garden. But Seth is going to be in charge of these three tiny pots and hopefully something will grow for him.
He loved carrying the flower pots all around the yard.
Then we needed to do some watering.
Seth thought the garden hose was fun.
We watered our daffodils.
After seeing such beautiful flowers outside we headed in to do some flower painting. I saw this idea on Frugal Family Fun Blog and knew we had to try it. We opted to paint the inside of our flower with a paintbrush though just so we could have some extra paintbrush practice.
Several weeks ago, I picked up a package of carrot and chick Easter eggs at Mighty Dollar. I knew they would be the perfect addition to our "First Day of Spring" celebration. I filled them with marshmallows, raisins, and one mini Reese's cup for Seth to eat as a special snack.
After a long overdue nap, we read books about Spring out on the front porch and then we had dinner as a family on the deck. When we came inside Seth and I checked on our baby chick. It sounds strange I know, but my mom picked up a hatch-able egg at Dollar General to contribute to our celebration. We had to put our egg in water Friday evening in hopes that it would hatch by today and sure enough, out popped a rubbery baby chick this afternoon. It quite possibly could have been the best part of Seth's day.
He thought the chick was a duck and kept saying "duck" over and over as he went squealing through the house full of happiness. He couldn't wait to show daddy who was in the other room.
For dessert, we decorated some confetti cupcakes with flowers.
Seth was a big fan of the icing!
Welcome Spring! We are glad you are here!

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  1. What an exciting day! Seth will have so many memories when he grows up. I am with Seth...the baby chick looks kind of like a duck to me too. I have never heard of anything like that so I am sure it was a treat. You are such a good Mother!