Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Lucky Day

We've never really been into celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but we definitely don't mind taking advantage of a bargain. Today around town there were some great St. Patrick's Day deals so it was our lucky day! We started off our day at Hopscotch Playplace where you could get in for $4.00 if you wore green. Sporting our green we were off to play. This was the first time that we had ventured to Hopscotch and Seth was a little unsure about it at first. There were a lot of older kids running everywhere but after a minute or two he just kind of dodged the kids that ran by him and went about his business. He liked playing on a small slide that they had, but he spent the majority of the hour that we spent there in this plastic cottage playing with the kitchen stuff.

He loved washing his hands and cooking on the stove.
But then of course, you need to do some grocery shopping, so with a baby in tow he went to get some food outside of the cottage.
While Bryan shakes his head in shame at these pictures, I would just like to point out that one day my son will be a wonderful husband and his wife will be thankful that he knows how to cook, clean, and shop. We are going to have to work on Seth putting babies in the freezer though. That only happened once. :)After we played, we met Bryan for lunch at Chick-fil-a. Then we were off to pick up something at our local Parent-Teacher Store. It just so happens that next door there is a frozen yogurt place and they were celebrating St. Patrick's Day by giving customers half off of their purchase. We decided yogurt was the perfect treat and we ate our $1.19 cup of vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and marshmallows out on the patio. It was such a fun day!

In other news:
  • I am 18 weeks pregnant today. We have our ultrasound scheduled for April 6th. We can't wait to find out if "little" is a little boy or girl.
  • I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday. All of the inflammation on my optic nerve is gone. That is good news, but Dr. K was unsure of how much more vision will return. It could be more or it could be none. I am staying hopeful that more will return. I say that I have probably 85% back. I can see fingers and how many fingers are being held up if they are less than about two feet away. Everything is still really blurry in that eye though. I have been asked to describe what it looks like looking out of my bad eye by many people. It's kind of hard to describe, so I thought some photo editing might help.
If this is what looking out of my good eye looks like:
Using both eyes is not much different from that other than some haziness around the edges.
But this would be what it would look like only looking out of my bad eye. Not horrible, but definitely not back to 100%. Only time will tell if it will improve.

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  1. Maybe Seth is going to be a chef! He is so cute.

    Thank you for the blurry picture because I was unsure what 85% vision would look like. I am praying for you every day in hopes your eye sight will return to 100%.