Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raking the Yard

Today we worked in the yard. By we, I mean mostly Bryan, but Seth and I did spend a bit of time outside this afternoon. :)

In order to help daddy rake the leaves, Seth had to do some preparing.
Daddy wears a hat when working outside, so first we put on a hat. Seth was not a fan.
After removing the hat, Seth tried on the earphones.
They were cool but not really for babies, so back to daddy they went.
After preparing, it was time for some work...
a lot of work.
Leaves are not as interesting as rocks,
so Seth decided he would do some shoveling instead of raking.
After all that hard work, of course, you need a little break...
and when all the work was done,
it was time to climb some stairs and head back inside.

The End

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