Friday, November 19, 2010

Learning Spurt

Our little man is going through a huge learning spurt right now. So much of one that each day I am amazed at how much he has learned and can do. In just the last week Seth has shown understanding of many signs and can now sign: more, please, eat, milk, thank you, and all done. When asked to point to specific body parts he can identify: head, nose, ears, mouth, feet, belly button, (and just added today) eyes, and toes. While he is still only consistent in saying "dada", he said "bye, bye" when Bryan left for work one day this week. After reading Big Read Barn by Margaret Wise Brown yesterday and focusing on the cow in the book, Seth could point to the cow today. While I was preparing dinner tonight, Seth managed to take off his diaper, take it to his dirty diaper pail, put it in, and then come back in the kitchen. Too bad he hasn't figured out to put a diaper back on though. He is definitely a little sponge right now. He even helped me back stitch tonight while we were doing some sewing.

Even though he is learning like crazy he still hasn't quite mastered getting ALL of his food in his mouth using his spoon. He is close but still has a ways to go as you can see...

but I'm pretty fond of those messes when it's on such an adorable little boy.

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