Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summertime at the Orchard

Yesterday we went to Jackson's Orchard for some fun with Nana and Pop. Seth got to ride in a red wagon for the first time and he had a lot of fun. Pop pulled him around everywhere. Seth will be getting his own red wagon for his upcoming first birthday (don't tell him though, he doesn't know).
Seth loved playing in the plastic log cabin that was in the picnic area.
He loved peeking through the window at us.

Then we went to visit with the goats. Billy came over to greet us. To cool off from the hot weather we enjoyed some apple cider slushies.
Seth loved drinking from the straw!
We picked up a watermelon and some butternut squash
before leaving to enjoy the rest of our day.

We had a wonderful time at the orchard!

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