Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Star Crayons: Semi-FAIL

Every year when I see the school supplies on sale, I always look for ways to take advantage of the cheap supplies. For the last few years I have wanted to melt crayons into different shapes. I never got around to it until this year and I thought I would try melting them outside on the sidewalk. So I bought several boxes of $0.20 RoseArt crayons (the Crayola ones weren't on sale at Target). I found a star mold in the basement and got to work peeling and breaking the crayons to fill the mold. I managed to put them out on one of the coolest days we have had for the last few weeks, so they didn't melt very well. They just softened. While we were warming some taco shells tonight, I placed the mold in the oven to finish melting the crayons. About three minutes in, the mold started melting. Bryan looked in the oven at the melting mold as I was realizing my huge mistake. It was an ice cube mold!!! We scrambled to get the mold out without spilling melted crayons all over the oven and don't worry the taco shells were saved! Probably not smart to melt crayons while preparing dinner, but you live and learn I guess. Even though I used the wrong mold due to the fact that I have a few ice cube and a few oven safe ones, I was still able to get a few star shaped crayons out of it once it cooled.

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