Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Look

It's funny how one piece of furniture can change the whole look and feel of a room. While you might be thinking that I am talking about our long awaited new bed that we recently got, I am not. The bedroom is almost ready to reveal, but I am tweaking just a few things first. The office has changed yet again. I know, I know. Can't I just quit messing with it, for crying out loud? The thing is, I knew I was going to change it a little because I still needed to solve our baby proofing problem from our office makeover. Remember the white cubby shelf? Well, it is a Seth magnet right now and would have probably been for a few years to come. It was old, it was cheap, and it worked for the purpose of the redo, but I knew it was going to more than likely resume its home back in the basement as soon as I found something that could replace it. While out shopping on National Thrift Shop Day, I came across the coolest rustic cabinet. Now my intentions for the office were to paint whatever cabinet I got the color red. Red was an accent color already and it would pop in the room. Even while standing in the store, I could envision the cabinet red. It would look so good. After negotiating a price, I bought the cabinet, went home to trade vehicles (luckily Bryan rode his motorcycle that day), went back to pick it up, and then placed it in its new home in the office. As soon as it was in the room, I had a problem. The wood was just so classic looking. You know, like the kind of piece you would want to have for years and years and it would never go out of style. I realized I no longer wanted to paint it. Thus the reason the whole look of the room changed.Bryan thought I was crazy for saying the decor I just picked out and really liked in the office did not go with the cabinet or vice versa. But I knew I had to change some things to ease my mind so that I could be happy with the room again. I am outright admitting it is one of my faults. I care too much about the way my house looks. I don't know why, but I do, that's just who I am right now.The inspiration board that I loved so much with my cute fabric was traded in for a larger more classic board that I managed to make for $10.00 because I luckily already had the frame in the basement. Don't worry, the other inspiration board is stashed in the basement until I can put it to use again and I am still determined to make some kind of quilt using that fabric.I added a vintage fan (that I had been eyeing for the past two months at a consignment store) and a fern on the cabinet. I took away the turquoise pillow. I added a candle and the globe that has been in every one of my classrooms to the bookshelf. I traded the white vase that was holding my pens and pencils to a simple glass.
I think, even though the changes were relatively simple and cheap (besides the new cabinet), it gives the office a completely different feel. Instead of the trendy feeling it had a few days ago, it now has a more classic style (as best as I can make it with a futon in the room). While I like trendy for some things, I have found that I like pieces that can last a long time. When I shop, I can always hear Bryan asking me, "Is this a long term investment or something you will be sick of in six weeks?" I find I am much happier when I make long term investments. That's why I think this new look is going to last for a while.

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  1. REALLY cute! I love the cabinet (And i think you are right, its great the way it is.) and the vintage fan is super cute! :)