Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Start of the Garden

Last Saturday, our friend Wendell came over to help us till the garden. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to have a tilled garden so I set out the week before to dig it up myself. I laboriously had already removed all the sod and dug up the ground with a shovel, but tilling made all my hard work look useless. On Sunday, I planted peas and green beans in our 5 X 18 ft. space. On Tuesday, I bought some transplants at the local farmer's market. So Tuesday evening I planted three lemon boy tomato plants, four broccoli plants (although one was very puny), three zucchini and three yellow squash plants. I have a little over half of a row left for a few okra plants and maybe something else. We protected our garden from all those pesky rabbits with some poultry wire and lots of stakes. Here is a view of the newly planted transplants:

my sprouting peas:

Since I was already playing in the dirt, I started my herb garden on the deck along with some patio tomato plants (specifically designed for growing in pots and seen below).

sweet basil:
purple ruffled basil:

and of course I had to add a little color to the table.
I think it is a pretty good start to the garden.

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