Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nana the Cleaning Wonder

When Nana comes to visit, my house always ends up cleaner than it was before she arrives. My mom cleans better than anyone I know and that has really been helpful this week since we are in the middle of a bathroom renovation. I decided we should redo our bathroom since we are nearing the bottom of our house renovation to-do list. At first we were just going to paint. Then we were graciously given some money and a gift card for Christmas, so we decided we would get new hardware. But then, we found the perfect vanity that would fit in the spot where our existing vanity is that would not mess up the plumbing or venting. If we were going to replace the vanity, then we would need to replace the flooring and so on and so on. With a relatively small amount of money we are going to significantly increase the value of our home (we hope).
Renovations are not as easy to do with a baby, so with Nana coming to visit, we took the opportunity to paint while she was here to play with Seth. Since Seth does take a pretty long nap during the day, my mom was also able to help us in the bathroom (she scrubbed the bathtub, and I mean scrubbed) plus she did laundry, the dishes, and helped me straighten the house. So to my mom, THANK YOU, and now that the house is cleaner than it was when she arrived we are ready for some bathroom demolition. I have a very strong feeling that we are going to need Nana back at our house very soon, especially after the mess we are about to make.

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