Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canceled Discharge

Thursday evening after we had all of our belongings packed, we had practiced strapping Seth in the car seat, and we had even signed the discharge papers' a nursery nurse came in and told us that we actually couldn't leave. Seth had only fed five times during his first 24 hours and had not fed since his circumcision done earlier in the day, which we were told was to be expected. Apparently since he wasn't feeding all that great though, even with the help of some of the nursery nurses, they wanted to keep us one more night so that they could guarantee that everything was alright with his feedings. We were told that Seth had a slightly tied tongue (this just means he has an extra bit of skin under his tongue), it was not severe, but it could make his nursing abilities slightly harder. We were discouraged but wanted the best for our baby, so we endured the hospital setting for another night.
We met with the lactation consultant the next morning and got the ok to go from our pediatrician. We have had to do some pumping and feeding as part of our nursing plan, and things are going more smoothly but it is definitely a learning process for us all.
We were able to actually leave the hospital close to 11:00 a.m. on Friday and we journeyed home as a family of three. Seth was wonderful in the car and stayed sound asleep during the entire car ride. When we arrived home, Seth got a tour of the house, was introduced to Bella, and of course had to be loved on lots and lots.

Ready for the first car ride

Being wheeled to the car

Arriving at home

Our little gloworm trying out his bed for the first time

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  1. He's absolutely precious & I know you are so glad to be home!!