Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tillery Tot School: Dinosaurs

This week we learned all about dinosaurs! 
 Here's a look at our Tot School board:
My mom (who teaches preschool) recently let us borrow a whole bunch of 
plastic dinosaurs, so we have had fun playing with them all week. One day we matched a small sized dinosaur with a large version of the same species.
We have done lots of reading this week...
 and the pop-up dinosaur book was a big hit.
 We made dinosaur prints in playdough.
 We imagined we were paleontologists one day. We had to break dinosaur bones out of an "iceberg."

 Even Silas figured out how to do some hammering.

 We colored different dinosaurs and made our own special dinosaur book.
 We made a dinosaur and used a toilet paper roll for the legs. We decorated it with dots.

 We attempted making a stegosaurus with super tiny clothespins. Our clothespins were too small though and Seth couldn't pinch them open. So I just put them on and we hung it on our board.
We also painted with dinosaurs. 
We dipped the dinosaur feet into paint and stamped away!
 The highlight of the week was probably going to Dinosaur World!
For the next two (maybe three, we'll see) weeks we are going to be focusing on transportation and community workers.

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