Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tillery Tot School: Olympics

For the last two weeks we have doing Olympics themed crafts and activities.
 Here's a look at our Tot school board:
We really loved trying to do some of the sports. We practiced long jumping in our kitchen, swimming in our bathtub, and gymnastics in our living room to name a few.
After we watched the Opening ceremonies, I set up some Olympics themed activities in the back yard, complete with our own opening ceremony. 
We had to make a torch (using some orange foam, tape, and aluminum foil). We marched around with our little flag and we even sang the entire National anthem.

 We had a balance beam, which Seth loved!
There were "hurdles."
 We also had an obstacle course, just for fun.
For our crafts we used a toilet paper tube to stamp the Olympics logo. 
 After we were finished using the tubes as stamps, we painted them, so that we could turn them into the logo, too.
We also made the Olympics logo using paper plates.
 Now that the Olympics are over, 
we are moving on to some fun with dinosaurs!

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