Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday 2012

Today is Palm Sunday and to kick off our week of activities leading up to Resurrection Sunday we made palm branches. These were super simple and turned out so cute! 
I rolled up one sheet of green construction paper. Then I traced Seth's hand, stacked my papers all together so I only had to cut out the handprint one time, and then we taped them onto the rolled up paper.
 After waving it around for a few minutes we had to do some reinforcing with the tape, but it could withstand the abuse from a toddler pretty well.
 Silas got his own palm branch that I made with some kids at church this morning. 
It was made from a large craft stick and only had a few handprints glued to it.
 This year we are using The Story of Easter: Read and Share in addition to our collection of Easter related books. This was given out last month at a MOPs meeting that I regularly attend at a local church.
It has already been so helpful and we still have a week's worth of great stuff to learn about!

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