Monday, April 30, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter N

This week we learned about the letter "N." 
We started off practicing how to make the upper and lower case letter.
 We practiced counting our numbers and used our magnatab a lot this week.
 We made a capital N and then added a nest to it. 
We also included a bird and talked about how birds make nests.
 This week I pulled out a magnetic puzzle since magnets were so fun for Seth last week.
 We went on a letter hunt in some noodles. Since we can't eat noodles anymore I thought this was a great use for the ones still sitting in our cabinet.
We used our net to catch some letters. 
I would call out a letter and Seth would use his net to catch it.
 We also talked about Noah's ark a lot this week. We played with our Little People Noah's Ark after we read a couple of stories about Noah and the Ark.
 We colored a Noah and the Ark picture.
 Then we made an ark out of a paper plate. We colored 
a rainbow and added some printable animals and a Noah.

This week we are focusing on the letter "O."

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