Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter K

This week we learned about the letter "K"! 
We focused mostly on kangaroos, koalas, keys, and kites. 
Here's a look at our Tot School board:
Seth is getting very good at following the lines of the letter each week. 
 We made a paper kite by using construction paper and some streamers.
I also picked up two different types of kites at the Dollar Tree. 
This type of kite worked the best. Bryan was a great kite flyer!

We also sorted shapes throughout the week. This activity was way to easy for Seth. 
I'm going to have to make it more challenging next time we sort shapes.
 I picked up a $1.00 chalkboard the other day and we practiced erasing the letter "K" on our board. Seth loved the little sponges and getting to use a small cup of water.
 I gave Seth four deadbolt locks and four keys. He had to find the matching key to each lock. He kept these keys and locks near him all week. Tonight I even found them in his bed when I was tucking him in.
 We practiced stamping k's around a kangaroo.
 We made a koala and also watched a couple zoo videos of koalas.

 I made Seth a koala snack one day.
 I think he liked it!
 Then our week wouldn't be complete without doing a little bit of kicking. 
We kicked balls all around the yard.
 It's been a pretty fun week! 
Next week we move on to the letter "M" since 
we have already learned about the letter "L."

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