Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter J

This past week we learned all about the letter "J." I thought this was a really difficult week. We focused mostly on jellyfish, jelly beans, jaguars, and Jesus. Here's a look at our Tot School board:
Seth did a really good job coloring inside of his "J."
 We made a jellyfish using a bowl and some ribbon.
 We also made a jellyfish using a lower case "j" and some sparkly, glitter paint. 
Seth loved this!
 We sorted jelly beans by color. We also practiced counting them.
 We made a "J" by gluing jelly beans on it.
 Then we focused on Jesus, which has been a great introduction into our week of Easter activities.
 Next week we will focus on lots of activities leading up to Resurrection Sunday!

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