Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Afternoon at Kentucky Down Under

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Kentucky Down Under. We took advantage of the $5.00 per person admission price because it was Warren, Metcalfe and Edmonson County Day. While we were there we saw some familiar birds
and some that were not so familiar. This is a Papuan Frogmouth.
 Bryan and Seth got to feed rainbow lorikeets. If you had a small white cup in your hand these birds pretty much attacked you when you walked through the door. Seth dropped his immediately, but with some reassurance from daddy, he seemed to warm up to them quickly as long as they weren't actually on him.

Silas and I just hung out outside of the fence and watched.
 We stopped by for part of the reptile show and Seth got to feel a blue tongued skink.
 Then we went to the Woolshed. 
We learned sheep are very important in the land down under.
We got to watch a sheepdog lead a group of sheep, 
learn about sheering sheep, and watch a sheep get milked.
Randomly throughout the day. We saw peacocks. 
You never knew where they were going to show up. 
We spotted this one on top of a building and other times they were just walking beside us.
 Lastly, we went on an Outback Walkabout. 
I just love this picture of Seth that Bryan captured while waiting in line.
 During the walkabout, we got to pet an emu, 
see several kangaroos, and we even got to pet one of them.

We had a great day!

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  1. We've been talking about taking Lilie there for a while. I bet Seth had a lot of fun.