Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming and Going

In a matter of a few hours, bags will be coming and going in the Tillery household. Nana is coming to stay with Seth and they are going to have lots of fun. I am heading to Lexington, KY for the KRA Reading Conference where I will be very busy working the registration desk, facilitating sessions, attending meetings, and most excitingly meeting authors. :) Bryan is heading to Louisville, KY for the Professional Engineering Exam (aka the BIGGEST TEST OF HIS LIFE)! Bryan took the week off from work and has been studying like crazy, literally from the time the public library opens until it closes. So please say a prayer for Bryan tomorrow as he is trying to solve crazy hard engineering problems on a very long and tedious test. By Saturday evening we should all be back together again. So see you on the Internet then. :)

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