Monday, July 2, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter X

Last week we learned about the letter X! Here's a look at our Tot School board: 
We stamped our letters with an "x" stamp. Seth loves stamps so this was a big hit!
 Recently one of my friends offered to give us a Little People Animal Alphabet set. We gladly accepted it and it has been a great addition to our learning. The "X" animal was an x-ray fish. We added it to our board.
 We made a xylophone 
(even though I think this word is very confusing when 
studying the letter X since it make a "z" sound).
 But it turned out cute. 
We also played on a xylophone I picked up at a local consignment store before Seth was born.
 We made an x-ray using the outline of Seth's hand and some q-tips.
 Then we practiced writing the letter x. I helped Seth write all the x's and when I let him try on his own he made one gigantic X and then decided he liked writing the letter O better. That's how it goes with toddlers sometimes.
 We have one more letter! We already studied the letter "Y" so
 this week we will learn about the letter "Z"!

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