Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Very Bad Burn

1 piping hot cup of tea + 1 very curious baby = one very bad burn

Silas pulled a cup of hot tea onto himself last night around 7. It was on a side table just inches away from Bryan, but Silas was too quick. Screams erupted. We stripped him of his clothes and got him into a cool bath within seconds. Bryan called the pediatric helpline and within minutes we got to talk to our pediatrician because thankfully he was on call. He recommended we come to the ER so within 20 minutes of the accident we were getting examined. Burns on babies can be more complicated so it was recommended that we go to the burn center at Vanderbilt. After struggling to get an IV started and waiting for an ambulance, we finally headed to Nashville around 10:30. I rode in the ambulance with Silas, and Bryan and Seth followed. With a drop-off to Nana in Nashville, Seth got to return home, but our night was just getting started. After the fastest trip to Nashville I have ever experienced, we made our way to the burn center at Vanderbilt. Silas had his burns to the chest treated and bandaged in the hydrotherapy room. Thankfully, from their first assessment, his second degree burns weren't very bad. Silas finally settled down to sleep around 1 and we tried to get some rest in the most uncomfortable chairs in the world.

This morning we got to see the burn specialist and after another round in the hydrotherapy room (this time with bubbles and toys and music just to make it easier on kids) we got the OK to go home.
Silas has done phenomenally well. Besides being completely bandaged you wouldn't know anything happened to him.
He was a hit with all the nurses and one of the nurses actually asked to take him up and down the hall to share with the other nurses. He was definitely spoiled during his hospital stay. We go back in a week to make sure everything is healing as it should and we have to clean and bandage his burns everyday until then.
I'm not sure Bryan will ever make a hot drink again, because this has been pretty devastating to him. Accidents happen, but it's so hard when it's your baby.  I just pray that we never have to repeat the last 24 hours ever again.


  1. oh stephanie! i am so sorry for your baby boy - and you all! praise the Lord he is okay. i will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

  2. Poor baby! Praying for healing on precious Silas

  3. Poor Silas! So sorry that this happened! Praying he recovers quickly!