Friday, July 6, 2012

Community Farmers' Market Poster Contest

 The Community Farmers' Market is having a kid's poster contest tomorrow. So we have been working on a poster to submit all week. We took a few vegetables like a slice or two of a green pepper, a piece of broccoli, half an eggplant, a piece of okra, and an ear of corn (although we don't eat corn I thought it would make a fun design and it was donated by Crooked Creek Farm). We took all of our vegetables and paint to the front porch and got started.
We obviously do a lot of learning around here, because before Seth decided it was time to paint he had to name all the paint colors and the vegetables. It made the teacher in me very proud.
Seth rolled the corn.
 He stamped the broccoli...
 and all the other vegetables. I think the okra was his favorite. 
He spent a long time stamping it.
 We let our poster dry completely and then we got to work with some stamps. I spelled out Community Farmers' Market (although the apostrophe is in the wrong place on the paper) and we hunted for all the letters first.
 Once we had all of our letters, Seth pressed each letter in the stamp pad and then I would show him where to put it. We had to take three breaks before all the letters were completed and explaining an apostrophe to a two year old was interesting. But we had a great time making our poster!
 Here's the completed poster:
We can't wait to turn it in tomorrow morning!

Here's a fun video of what Seth had to say about the Farmers' Market:

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