Friday, August 30, 2013

Learning Highlights: August 2013

We've settled into a new preschool routine and have happily filled our mornings with learning. I'm really trying to put the camera down more during our learning time, but it's just become second nature to take a few pictures especially after documenting Tot School and Preschool at Home for the last two years. So here are just a few things that we've been doing lately.
We did some monster truck mashing with "-at"words.
I would call out an "-at" word and Seth would smash it. 
We worked on patterns...
and reviewed beginning sounds.
We practiced counting and ordering numbers from least to greatest.
Silas worked on fine motor skills while we worked on numbers.
Our Discovery Box this past week was all about frogs. 
Inside there were all kinds of frog related things. I added velcro to several plastic bugs and the end of a paper party blower and it was an instant frog catching activity. It was a big hit and worked so well!
We've also started our little preschool co-op with a few friends. We are going to focus on one or two themes each month this "school" year. We're planning on gathering together a couple times each month to focus on a particular theme. This month we focused on caterpillars and butterflies. 
We went to the "Butterfly Habitat" at Lost River Cave.  
My friend Lara read the kids Farfallina & Marcel, Emily brought Elefun for the kids to play, and I contributed butterfly lacing cards.  There also just happened to be a lot of caterpillars crawling around in the outdoor classroom.
For the month of September our co-op themes will be apples and fall. 
I'm already excited about the fun we're going to have!

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