Thursday, June 13, 2013

While the Kids are Away

The boys left for Nana and Pop's house last Friday evening. I was planning to teach this week, just like the previous two summers, during the two week summer institute of the Kentucky Reading Project. But the leadership of the project changed, and my teaching obligations changed last minute. Although I was no longer teaching, we decided to let the boys enjoy their planned visit with the grandparents. 
Bryan and I didn't know what to do at first,
but we quickly filled our time
by playing disc golf, 

 dining away from home, 
sipping coffee at Spencer's,

 watching documentaries on Netflix, 
and enjoying mid-day concerts at fountain square.
But while Bryan spent his days at work, I was on my own. 
So what does a mama do when her kids are away?

I went to a doctor's appointment in Nashville, 
which meant that I could eat lunch at Chipotle
 and shop at Whole Foods by myself.
I bought some new-to-me summer clothes.

I went exploring downtown. 
I went in shops that I had never ventured into and some familiar places. 
I browsed around the upstairs of the library which rarely happens. Most of the time I reserve the books I would like to check out online and they are waiting for me at the circulation desk when the boys and I visit. 
Usually I read during the boys' nap time,
so it was nice to be able to sit and read on the front porch swing whenever I felt like it.

I visited thrift shops and consignment stores looking for vintage quilts, an apron, and a few other specific items. Although I spotted some great items, like this hay bales print, most of the time I left empty handed. 
If it's not on my list, I try not to bring it home, but every now and then I score a great deal.

 I played in the dirt and watched the chickens.
Although I've missed the boys like crazy, it's been an absolutely fabulous week.

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