Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Last Few Days in Lexington

I traveled to Lexington, Kentucky a few days ago to attend a Kentucky Reading Project meeting and the Kentucky Reading Association annual conference. While Bryan and Nana, who came up Thursday night, held down the fort at home, I attended sessions/meetings, but I also got to enjoy some alone time.
 One of my favorite stops in Lexington is Old Kentucky Chocolates. It is located in the convention center so I always stop by when I'm there. I wasn't sure there would be anything that I could eat, but then I spotted these Dark Chocolate Cashews. They are yummy!
  Friday afternoon, I ventured out on my own to do some shopping. It felt so strange to go from place to place without getting kids out of the car. It was also a little too quiet when I was stuck in rush hour traffic. 
 Speaking of traffic, on my way to Chipotle where I ate dinner, I accidentally went down a one way street. Luckily I turned into a parking lot and avoided the three lanes of traffic that were heading straight toward me.
 After dinner, I spent an evening leisurely browsing books at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and  
 reading lots and lots of labels at Whole Foods, 
which usually doesn't happen when we have the boys with us. 
I found several new things that we can eat!
 Before we left on Saturday, a friend and I went back to Whole Foods to fill our cooler, that we brought with us, with all the tasty foods that I discovered that we could eat the night before along with the staples we can't get locally.
We also went to eat at P.F. Chang's. Did you know they have an entire section of their menu that is gluten-free? While we try to avoid all grains, sometimes there are ingredients (especially sauces) that still contain gluten. So I was especially happy to see a menu dedicated to gluten-free.
After a lovely meal and my delightful little trip of business mixed with pleasure,
 I headed home to the boys.

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