Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun at Lost River Cave

Bryan was in charge of the boys today while I was teaching in Cumberland County. I got home early from my day of teaching so we took advantage of the Fall Break special at Lost River Cave. (From now until Oct. 14th admission is just $5.00 a person.) We've been through the trails and to the Butterfly House a few times, but we'd never taken the boat tour into the cave.
Our tour started outside the cave. 
We got to see one of the Blue Holes which are karst "windows" 
peeking into the underground drainage system.
Then we headed into the cave. 
All the kids had to put on life jackets and each adult had 
a cushion that could serve as a float if needed. 
 I love how serious Seth looks in this picture. He loved wearing the life jacket by the way. 
Silas...not so much.
 We boarded the tour boats and the cave tour lasted about 25 minutes.

After our boat ride, we enjoyed some time on the nature trails.
 We had to point out all of the letter B's on our way to the Butterfly Habitat since we are studying the letter "B" this week!

 We only saw a couple of butterflies, but visiting the Butterfly Habitat tied in nicely with our week of learning.
 We convinced Seth to try the Cave Crawl. 
This is a very long tunnel and it's part of the Lost River Cave's Outdoor Classroom!
 This was our view for a long time.
 Finally after several minutes and lots of encouraging, our little man appeared!
 What a fun afternoon!

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