Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter O

We have spent the last two weeks learning about the letter "O." We have had a fun couple of weeks! Here's a look at our Tot School board:
We painted our letters this week orange.
 We read The Littlest Owl and then made an owl out of construction paper.
 We read Utterly Otterly Night and then made an otter out of paper plates.
 We read I Spy Under the Sea when we talked about the ocean. (We just talked about the sea being another name for ocean.) This was such a great book!
We played with an ocean block puzzle and some
 ocean foam cubes (from Mighty Dollar a long time ago).

 We loved looking at our new Usborne book.
 I also picked up some ocean themed grow capsules a while back. 
We watched them grown one night in the bath tub.

 Then finally at the end of the week we made an owl family. 
We painted toilet paper tubes and then we added eyes, a nose, and some wings.
 Next week we moved on to the letter "P"!!!!

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