Saturday, May 21, 2011

Makeshift Water Table

The weather has been beautiful around here for the last couple of days, so yesterday we enjoyed lots of time outside. It was finally warm enough and sunny enough to break out the water bin this year. Since Seth received a wagon on his first birthday, we have learned how easy and fun the wagon is for housing Seth's tub of outdoor toys. We use a Rubbermaid container to house all of them and it fits snugly in the wagon. The tub can instantly become mobile which can be very handy. We drag it all over the yard and it makes the bin super easy to fill with water when we want to turn it into a makeshift water table. I have a feeling on hots days this summer the sprinkler and this tub (filled with water) will provide lots of fun. All of the items in the bin have come from the dollar aisle/dollar store or they are random recyclables. We lucked up last year and found a very cool water funnel in the Target dollar aisle.
We also use old shampoo bottles, plastic spoons and shovels, and some toys that were in a summer beach kit. (We usually keep some toy trucks, a plastic colander, an old ice cream bucket, and some sidewalk chalk in the wagon when it's not being used as a water table.)
Or course, the wagon can always be used for it's main purpose at any time as well (which Seth thought was super cool).
Yay for some cool, frugal fun!

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