Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Boys' First Nascar Race

What do you do when you're offered four free Nascar Nationwide Race tickets to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (this weekend!) at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon?  
 You secure some ear protection,
you pack lots of snacks,
and you take off for Indy bright and early Saturday morning.
We arrived about an hour before the race started. The boys were all smiles.
 There were so many empty seats, we had great views of the track, 
and the weather was absolutely beautiful!
 We tried to prepare the boys for the magnitude of the noise (which we were really worried about since we've been to several Sprint Cup races) but just like with most things, the boys did fine. 
They needed to be next to mama for a minute,
 but then were busy watching the cars, 
especially when they were on pit road right in front of us.
They also loved playing in all the empty seats during the final ten laps.
 We watched Kyle Busch do the burn out and take his bow, and then we headed home.
I think it's safe to say the boys LOVED their first Nascar race and we loved the spontaneous adventure!

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