Monday, November 19, 2012

Preschool at Home: Week 6

Last week we learned about the letter "F", the number 6, read fish related Bible stories, and learned a poem about fireflies. Here's a link to my Week 6 Pinterest board in case you are interested.
We read this poem each day and made a firefly craft.
 We played an alphabet football game. I would cover a letter. Seth would pick up the ball, guess the letter, and if it was right I would throw my arms up and yell "touchdown." Silas even joined in on this game. He loved throwing his arms up when I yelled "touchdown."
We read about Jesus and the miraculous catch for most of the week.
We also played with fish stickers, and
made a fish out of an old cd, construction paper, and cut up scrap booking stickers.
 We made a net full of fish using a paper plate, some construction paper fish, 
some plastic wrap, and a Sharpie marker.
 We went fishing using foam fish (with magnets on the back), an Altoids tin, and a magnet. The "fishing" magnet we were using was super strong so it kept getting stuck to the side of the tin. The concept was good, but next time we'll know to not use such a strong magnet.
 We covered a letter F with feathers and
 we practiced counting footballs after we went on a football hunt in the yard.  
I hid foam footballs (from Mighty dollar) in the yard and Seth would find them. As you can see he was a huge fan!
This week, during our preschool learning time, we are just focusing on Thanksgiving!

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