Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waiting is Hard

I asked for one thing for my birthday (Oct. 31st). I wanted to see a property that we had been watching on LandWatch. It had been for sale for a long time. We had already driven to this property once, but I wanted to walk inside the house, inside the barn, and walk the property. Bryan made my wish come true and a realtor showed us the property.

The next month we looked at the property again. We fell in love with it even more. I could imagine the boys sitting in the hayloft. I could imagine ducks waddling to the pond. I could imagine sheep grazing on the hillside, the garden, and picnics by the stream that flowed through the property. It was 17 acres of bliss in my mind.

The next month, right before Christmas, we found out that our current house wasn't worth as much as we paid for it. In order to sell it, we were going to have to write a pretty hefty check. We rearranged finances and had to do a bit more saving.

February rolled around. We had our finances in order, but the house was no longer listed. As it turns out the contract had run out with the real estate agency, but it was still for sale. So we continued with getting all of our ducks in a row. The day had come. We were going to make our offer. And then we were told the family no longer wanted to sell. And we were devastated.

It's been three weeks since that day. We've got friends and realtors looking for another property for us. But there is nothing. No properties with at least 10 acres within our price range. So all of that hurry up, hurry up, save, save, save to buy a homestead has been to wait, and all this waiting is hard.


  1. Waiting is hard, especially when you experience that moment when you're just inches away and then it slips away again.
    I know I don't have to tell you this and I know it won't make the waiting easier or more fun. But you KNOW its for a reason. Obviously God has other things in mind. I'm praying for your dream and wishing you the best. Don't give up!!

    1. Thank you Meghann! Just writing it all out has helped a bit.