Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lessons from having Multiple Sclerosis

Three years ago today, I began to lose the sight in my right eye. The next month, I found out that I had early Multiple Sclerosis. What some might see as a curse, I see having MS as a blessing. Yes, some days are really rough but they are few and far between. Yes, our world was turned upside down, but sometimes we need a good shake of our little snow globe world to get us on a different path (and boy, we are on a different path!). But, I believe this disease has helped mold and shape me into the person I am today.
Here are just a few things that I'm learning from having MS...
  • Whether it's while lying in a hospital bed with a friend on speaker phone, alone at home, or with a group surrounding you at church, prayer is a beautiful thing.
  • It's alright to ask for help.
  • No matter how hard I try, I can't fix things on my own.
  • Each time I have a flare-up, there's always this thought that I might never be the same again. Being overly optimistic has never been a bad thing during those thoughts. 
  • I've learned to be thankful for each day.
  • It's alright to do things differently.
  • Stress is dangerous.
  • A loving and supportive husband is a treasure from God.
  • I've learned to slow down and to savor every moment.
  • I severely underestimated the power of this disease. 
  • It's important to surround yourself with positivity.
  • Sometimes one question can change your life.
  • Family and friends will always be there to surround you with love when you need it most.
  • Medicine can be helpful.   
  • Rest is essential. 
  • Fear accomplishes nothing.
  • Friends will deliver amazing, nourishing food to your home no matter how weird you eat. 
  • I've learned to seek God in everything. It could be in a simple green butterfly that's just outside my door or the two quarters a stranger gave me at the store so my kids could ride a little carousel. If I seek, I find.
So this life with MS is a blessing. During good times and bad. Every single day.

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