Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning Highlights: September 2013

During the month of September, in addition to meeting with our co-op group twice, we had a lot of fun learning with apples and the fall theme.
We practiced peeling apples and making applesauce.
 We made lots of apple trees and learned about Johnny Appleseed.
 Both boys loved the autumn themed discovery box.
 We graphed leaves according to color.
We used a leaf punch to practice counting.
We covered numbers 11-20 with fall themed stickers.
 Then throughout the month we did various letter activities. 
We put alphabet beads in order on a pipe cleaner.
 We used stamps.
 We played "Guess the Covered Letter."
 We also started using these sandpaper letters
Seth and Silas use these to trace the letters, name the letter, and practice the sounds.
 We've also been learning about where we live. 
Our preschool time in general in going very well. We read a lot! Seth can count to 30 using his calendar. He knows the days of the week and has learned the months of the year. (We go over that every day.) He can write most of the letters, but will only do so if he's really motivated. The boys seem to love our learning time. Seth has even asked why we don't do learning time on the weekends. I'm glad he enjoys it as much as I like planning it.

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