Sunday, March 10, 2013

Preschool at Home: Week 11

This past week, we learned about the letter K, the number 11, 
Three Little Kittens, the days of the week, 
and the story of Jesus Calming the Storm.  
Here's a look at our board 
and a link to the Pinterest board where I get most of my inspiration:
 At the beginning of the year, I gave Seth his own calendar (from Mighty Dollar). We color the pages for each month as we come to them. We also talk about the days of the week and what day it is each day. Seth can almost say all the days of the week. We even attempted learning the months of the year this week. I think it's been a nice addition to our preschool learning time. We are also marking off the days until the first day of Spring.
 We studied the letter K so we focused on keys, kites, koalas, and kangaroos. 
We covered a "K" with keys.
We made a koala.
Seth traced the numbers 1 through 11 on these kites one day. 
He is still hit or miss with identifying his numbers correctly.
Silas loved using some color wonder markers and paper while we were learning one day.
We learned Three Little Kittens this week. We just repeated it every day.
 We focused on the story of Jesus calming the storm this week. Because I was teaching this lesson to our Burmese friends, I kind of took the easy way out and just did everything I did with them with Seth. 
We made this craft...
 Here's Seth version...
and we reenacted the story using a blanket and a boat.
One highlight from the week and from lots and lots of practicing over the months, 
Seth sort of wrote his name on a receipt from a restaurant. Yay!
Next week we move on to the letter "L," the number 12, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and lots of other things before taking a couple of weeks to focus on Easter.

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