Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter P

This week we learned about the letter "P." 
Here's a look at our Tot School Board:
We decorated our letter p's with purple polka dots.
We talked about pineapples and sliced one open and ate some of it. I had a hard time convincing Seth that we didn't just need to carry it around the house.
We played with Playdough!
We made a parrot out of the letter "p."
We made a penguin out of paper plates.
We read The Three Little Pigs and then made a pig out of construction paper.
We made a palm tree out of a capital "P."
At the end of the week we popped popcorn on the stove.
Here's a video clip of Seth's reaction:

 (We figured out that Seth thought the popping sounded 
like the fireworks from a Hot Rods game that he attended recently.)

Since popcorn isn't Paleo we decided to turn it into art. 
Seth did eat a few pieces, but he's never really been a big fan of popcorn.
Next week we move on to the letter "Q."

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