Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Thursday Farm Day: WKU's Educational Gardens

Tonight we went to WKU's Educational Gardens for our second Third Thursday Farm Day. (Last month we went to an Amish farm and I didn't feel it was appropriate to take a lot of photos.) Third Thursday Farm Days allow individuals and families to come and see where food from the Farmer's Market is grown. 
We started our tour by learning about high tunnels, how to tie tomatoes, 
and about conventionally grown food. 
Then we made our way to the organic plot where we got to pick strawberries.

 We also saw examples of raised beds, blueberry bushes, and beehives.
 Next, we learned about the vineyards. 
Did you know if you plant rose bushes near the vineyards any disease or insects will attack it first?
 We saw several animals like cows, pigs, and horses throughout the evening. 
We even got to see a couple horses up close and personal.
 We finished off our evening with a completely local dinner. 
The lettuce for this salad was picked just a few hours before we arrived.
We love Third Thursday Farm Days! 
We can't wait for next month!

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  1. How fun! I really need to remember to sign up for this next month. It looks like y'all had a great time.