Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Garden Patch

This morning Seth and I, along with our friends Carmella and Jaynie Beth, headed north to Smiths Grove to visit The Garden Patch and Pelly's Farm Fresh Market. What a hidden treasure! There were so many pumpkins, gourds, flowers, and animals everywhere!
We loved looking at the roosters and chickens wandering around.
The goats were very anxious to come up and greet us.
A big school group had just finished feeding them so we skipped that this time.
The cows were super fun to pet.
We enjoyed some time checking out all the goodies and antiques at the market,
and of course we had to take a few photos.
We looked at dried gourds...
and then got to see lots of varieties of pumpkins.
These blue pumpkins were beautiful.
We also went through the hay maze before snapping these shots...
It was a great end to a wonderfully, fun morning!

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