Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun at Chaney's Dairy Barn

I am not sure a week could have passed by any faster. Some highlights before today include starting baby sign language because of the Baby Signing Time dvd's and flashcards they offer at the library, the most successful Western Kentucky Reading Council meeting ever, and enjoying time with friends. Today Nana, Pop, and Uncle Michael came for their monthly visit. We enjoyed the 7th year anniversary festivities at Chaney's Dairy Barn. We enjoyed a $1.00 per person hayride and ice cream scoops. Seth liked to peek out while we were riding.
At the halfway point we were able to get off and see a baby calf, rabbits, and were able to take some photos.
Back at the barn, Seth and Pop had some fun laughing at each other.
We posed for a few more pictures, except the boys kept being so serious.
As we were heading to our car, we heard cries of help. The inflatable fire safety house they had set up had blown upside down thanks to a sudden gust of wind. Everyone started running to get all the kids that were trapped inside out. Pop, Nana, and Michael went to help lift it up. I stayed back to comfort a boy who's brother was still inside and to hold a huge tarp back. I snapped a picture really quick. It was scary, but everyone was able to get out safely. All the while Bryan and Seth had made their way almost to the car, since they were walking ahead of us all, and they managed to miss almost all of the excitement.
After a great and adventurous afternoon, Seth was exhausted and fell asleep in the car while holding Nana's hand.
I know I say it every time, but we sure are thankful for our family visiting! We had a great day!

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