Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Reflections

  • Teeth never feel like they are clean when your mouth is tingly.
  • The house without the boys is way too quiet.
  • I gave up TV at the beginning of this year. My spare time was spent reading. The past two and a half weeks, (because reading was so hard) I have spent more time watching TV than the whole year combined.  I can now safely say, I didn't miss a thing.
  • Bryan and I recently attended a Sheep Management Seminar. We don't have sheep YET, but the thought of it excites us so!
  • It has taken 8 years of floundering around to find a church home. It feels good to finally be home.
  • Why, oh why can't Burger Up be closer than an hour away? 
  • The thought of selling and buying another home is so scary.
  • Hospitals should serve nutritious, healing foods, not stuff you are afraid to eat.
  • I've learned about the world of Instagram. As cool as it looks, it still doesn't make me want a smart phone.  
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