Monday, November 25, 2013

A Date Day

Many couples with young children have a regular date night. Bryan and I are not one of those couples. We do, however, get to spend a whole day together every now and then without the kids. It's on these days that we pack as many fun things in as we can. 
So on Saturday, while the boys were enjoying a day with Nana and Pop, we enjoyed a date day.
We visited 3 distilleries: Heaven Hill, Four Roses, and Woodford Reserve. 
(We are on a journey to visit all 8 distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. We only have 2 left!)
We stopped by the Morris book shop in Lexington. I love local book stores!
We ate jambalaya at Bourbon n' Toulouse.
We sipped some coffee at Third Street Stuff and Coffee.
Then we finished off our date day with an evening with the Avett Brothers
Man, oh man, they were awesome!
Days like these might not happen very often, 
but we make the most of them, 
and enjoy them thoroughly.