Monday, May 20, 2013

Preschool at Home: Week 16

Last week we learned about the letter "Q" and "R." We also talked about the number 16, read about Little Red Riding Hood and about Jesus feeding the 5000. Here's a look at our board:

We made a quail using the letter "Q."
 We also made a rabbit with a lower case "r."
"R" is for rocket! 
So we got Seth a small foam rocket (from Hobby Lobby) that he absolutely loved.
I have to admit it was pretty fun for all of us.
We acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood with our finger puppets. It just so happened that I had this little set from some dollar bin a couple of years ago. It came in handy this week.
We also tried making rain
This experiment took three tries and a mechanical engineer to get it to work, 
but it actually did produce raindrops.
This week we are learning about the letters "S" and "T!"

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