Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Spring Garden 2013

Although it doesn't really feel spring like today, 
the last few weeks have been filled with warmth and sunshine. 
We've spent lots of time outside, preparing the spring garden, 
and planting vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 
The herb garden is beginning to take shape on our outdoor baker's rack.
We are taking a different approach to gardening this year. Bryan double dug our entire garden. That took a while. He started it over a month ago. We have added lots of compost and we are not planting in rows. We are using How to Grow More Vegetables as our guide for spacing and companion planting.
We bought heirloom seeds from Burpee (because I had a really good coupon) 
and transplants from local farmers' markets and a few from Ace Hardware.
 Bryan made a map of the garden for us so that we would know where to plant everything.
  Along with a lot of new varieties of vegetables,
I thought we would try planting potatoes this year.
We also added mulch to our walkways and 
we have straw to help prevent weeds around our crops.
We have to wait until most of our seeds sprout 
before adding straw to the rest of the garden.

 Gardening is a learning experience.

I'm looking forward to the many lessons we learn this year. 

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  1. This looks wonderful--and like a tremendous amount of work! May you see many bountiful harvests! Roxanne