Saturday, September 29, 2012

Watching Model Airplanes

Bowling Green has a really nice runway for model airplanes. This evening we went to Stahl Field to see if we could watch some flying. We had intended to bring Seth during one of our transportation weeks, but we had lots of rainy days and it never happened. Tonight we had perfect weather with just a few clouds in the sky.
 Silas loved watching the planes flying in the sky. 
He would point and stare as they would fly by.
 We got to see a few planes up close. 
This one was being disassembled before being loaded into the trailer.
 We also got to take a peek into one of the trailers of a hobbyist.
 This guy liked Seth so much he gave Seth a pilot doll. 
We aren't so sure that this doll will stick around, but the gesture was sweet.

We watched until most of the planes were being packed up for the evening. 
We'll definitely be visiting again!

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